Tuenti messenger app now available for Nokia Lumia Smartphones

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Tuenti messenger app now available for Nokia Lumia Smartphones

Tuenti, Spain’s leading social network has released its app for Nokia Lumia smartphones over Windows Phone store. Tuenti is a Madrid-based, invitation-only private social networking with more than 14 million active users.

Tuenti app for Nokia

Download Tuenti and enjoy the best of a social network and real-time messenger all in a single app. Send free chat messages to anyone and share photos and updates with your friends—and only your friends.Tuenti is a multi-platform app, so it doesn’t matter if you’re connected from a smartphone or computer. Your information is always available from any device, and we make sure it’s private and secure.

Main Features:

  • Tuenti is a FREE CHAT APPLICATION that offers secure, private communication with your contacts, friends and family.
  • Tuenti is a MULTI-PLATFORM app, so it doesn’t matter if your friends and contacts connect from a smartphone or computer. You can always contact them from any device using our encrypted communications system.
  • Tuenti is SOCIAL. Import the people in your phonebook and easily choose what information they see. Add people as contacts to send free real-time chat messages, but without sharing your profile. Only the ones you add as friends can
  • see all the photos and updates you share.
  • Tuenti is SIMPLE.The intuitive design includes only the essential social features and works seamlessly across each platform: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and the Web.
  • Tuenti is SECURE. Messages are encrypted (SSL) and your information is stored on the cloud, so it stays safe even if you lose your phone.
  • Tuenti is PRIVATE.Your information is only visible to the people you trust: your friends. Tuenti doesn’t index anything on external search engines, so you have control over who sees your info.


Tuenti messenger for Lumia

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